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Production Facilities

Pilot Plant FacilitiesWith a combined production reactor volume of over 60,000 liters, Boulder Scientific Company can tackle challenging custom and specialty chemical projects at a substantial scale. BSC specializes in the commercial-scale manufacture of complex, state-of-the-art organic and organometallic compounds. During the past 40 years, BSC has developed a wealth of manufacturing expertise involving hard-to-handle chemicals such as pyrophorics, air- and moisture-sensitive intermediates and finished products, and low-temperature reactions.

BSC operates a multipurpose facility that is flexible and responsive to quickly adapt to your processing requirements.

Pilot Plant Facilities

Production FacilitiesBoulder Scientific Company operates a substantial Pilot Plant to facilitate kilogram scale production and process scale-up. As manufacturing scale increases, processes from the R&D Laboratory and the Kilo Lab move into the Pilot Plant. The Pilot Plant is designed to directly correlate to large-scale manufacturing, which includes handling bulk air-sensitive materials, real-time process data acquisition, and multiple agitation systems. On-site analytical services, and in-line IR spectroscopy assure the highest attention to detail. The glass-lined and alloy Pilot Plant reactors range in size from 100 to 760 liters with an operating temperature range from -90 to 280°C. Filtration capabilities include Nutsche and horizontal-plate filters. Distillation capabilities include short path, fractional, and wiped-film evaporators.