Capabilities: Packaging & Shipping

A wide variety of shipping carriers are used, allowing our staff to meet your foreign and domestic shipping needs to all parts of the world. Boulder Scientific Company offers many packaging sizes.

Packaging & ShippingFor example:

  • 15 to 200 liter drums
  • 60 – 1,600 liter cylinders
  • ISO-tank and tank truck quantities
  • Rail siding facilities
  • Dry-goods packaging in all sizes

Grignard Shipping Policy

Grignard solutions must be stored in a properly-labeled, closed container in a warm location, ideally at 20-28°C (68-80°F), and away from sources of ignition. Storage of this product for even short periods of time at less than 20°C (68°F) may cause magnesium salts to crystallize out of solution. For this reason Boulder Scientific Company recommends that all Grignards be shipped and stored in such a manner that the temperature of the product does not go below room temperature at any time in transit to ensure the certificated molarity and composition. During the cold season, or for transoceanic shipments, this may require heated shipping containers.

Quotes for heated shipping can be provided at your request. There are times when the ambient temperature may not cause noticeable molarity or composition changes. (It should be noted that most Grignard solutions can be put back into solution by warming to 20-28°C (68-80°F) and agitating or rolling the container).

If you have any questions, or concerns please contact us.