Capabilities: Research & Development

BSC is committed to innovative, customer-focused process research and development. Our highly educated and experienced staff of R&D chemists specializes in the synthesis of advanced organometallics, boranes, borates, phosphines, silanes, and other organic compounds. Our enterpreneurial R&D environment affords our chemists considerable latitude to explore innovative cost-effective approaches to process development. From gram-scale inquiries to developing the building blocks for large-scale processes, BSC’s R&D staff is ready to take on your custom or specialty challenge.

Kilo Laboratory

As processes grow beyond the limits of 12-liter and 22-liter flasks, BSC’s 50-liter Kilo Laboratory bridges the transition from laboratory to pilot plant. With temperature capabilities from -40 to over 100°C, the Kilo Laboratory can match operating conditions in the Pilot Plant at smaller scale with high visibility.

Research & Development