A History of Excellence

Dr. John BirminghamBoulder Scientific’s founder, Dr. John Birmingham, is driven by his love of organometallic chemistry and his keen desire to bring cutting edge developments from the bench to bulk production. Boulder Scientific Company (BSC) is well known and respected worldwide as a manufacturer of advanced organometallic catalysts, ligands, and co-catalysts. Founded in 1972 by Dr. Birmingham, BSC is located on a 10-acre site a half-hour north of Denver, Colorado.

John Birmingham earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from Harvard University. As a graduate student, he is credited with the discovery of several Zirconium, Titanium, and rare earth “sandwich” compounds which we now refer to as Metallocenes. These include Titanocene Dichloride and Zirconocene Dichloride, which are manufactured in bulk by BSC today, along with many advanced metallocenes.

Today, BSC manufactures unique high-performance organometallics for the polyolefin, pharmaceutical, academic, and defense industries. Our considerable experience in production-level organometallic chemistry makes BSC an invaluable partner for your production catalyst needs.