Grignard Information Sheet

Synthetic Utility

The utility of Grignard reagents falls into the broad categories of:

  • Base
  • Nucleophile

As a base, Grignard reagents offer what is essentially irreversable deprotonation of acids, alcohols and phenols, amines, and acetylenes.

As a nucleophile, Grignard reagents have an established and well-documented history of nucleophilic addition to ketones, aldehydes, nitriles, esters, epoxides, carbon dioxide, and anhydrides. In the presence of a catalyst, Grignards will undergo conjugate addition. Carbomagnesiation tandem-addition reactions of olefins and alkynes have been reported. Ketones can be prepared by the addition of a Grignard to a methoxymethylamide.

In nucleophilic substitution reactions, Grignards have a rich and diverse range of reacitvities. Alkylated products of Si, P, B, Bi, N, C, Ge, Sn, Sb, Pb, Hg, Ti, Al, Be, and others can be prepared from the corresponding halides.

The chemistry of the Grignard reagent is quite diverse and limited only by the imagination.

Grignard Products

Boulder Scientific Company produces Grignard reagents in a variety of solvents. However, the great majority of products are sold as either tetrahydrofuran (THF) or diethyl ether (EE) solutions. It is useful to note that the molar concentration of the product reflects the solubility of the particular reagent in the solvent.

A Few of Our Products

BSC-119 Ethylmagnesium Bromide,
[925-90-6], CH3CH2MgBr
3.0 M Diethyl Ether
BSC-121 Ethylmagnesium Chloride,
[2386-64-3], CH3CH2MgCl
2.0 M THF
BSC-127 Methylmagnesium Bromide,
[75-16-1], CH3MgBr
3.0 M Diethyl Ether
BSC-129 Methylmagnesium Chloride,
[676-58-4], CH3MgCl
3.0 M THF
BSC-136 Phenylmagnesium Bromide,
[100-58-3], C6H5MgBr
3.0 M Diethyl Ether
BSC-137 Phenylmagnesium Chloride,
[100-59-4], C6H5MgCl
2.0 M THF
BSC-155 Vinylmagnesium Bromide,
[1826-67-1], H2C=CHMgBr
1.0 M THF
BSC-3390 Allylmagnesium Chloride,
[2622-05-1], H2C=CHCH2MgCl
1.5 M THF
BSC-189 Butylmagnesium Chloride,
[693-04-9], CH3(CH2)3MgCl
2.0 M THF
BSC-190 iso-Propylmagnesium Chloride,
[1068-55-9], (CH3)2CHMgCl
2.0 M Diethyl Ether
BSC-229 4-Tolylmagnesium Chloride,
[1068-55-9], (CH3)2CHMgCl
2.0 M THF
BSC-449 iso-Propylmagnesium Chloride,
[1068-55-9], (CH3)2CHMgCl
2.0 M THF
BSC-522 4-Chlorophenylmagnesium Bromide,
[873-77-8], ClC6H4MgBr
1.0 M Diethyl Ether
BSC-545 4-Fluorophenylmagnesium Bromide,
[352-13-6], FC6H4MgBr
2.0 M Diethyl Ether

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The above Grignard reagents may be prepared in other combinations of halide, concentration, and solvent.

Boulder Scientific can produce a wide variety of custom Grignard reagents. Call or fax for a timely quote.

Handling Bulk Grignard Reagents

Grignard reagents are stable to containment in a variety of stainless and carbon steels, as well as glass.

Grignard reagents are powerful bases whose pronated form can have a substantial vapor pressure, so contact with protic sources such as water, acids, alcohols, hydrated salts, etc. must be avoided. Transfer of these reagents must be done under a dry nitrogen or argon sweep.

Grignard reagents may keep for extended periods in storage. However, they may precipitate at lower temperatures in storage or in transit.


Boulder Scientific Company can fill your Grignard requirements for your pilot-scale and production-scale operations. We supply product in the following containers:

  • 5 gallon pails (from stock)
  • 55 gallon drums
  • Cylinders of various sizes

We ship to destinations both foreign and domestic.

Boulder Scientific Company can supply bulk Grignard reagents in a variety of solvents and containers. We are equipped with dedicated Grignard reactors for the production of custom or “common” bulk Grignard reagents.

At Boulder Scientific Company, our experienced technical sales staff are at your service for solving technical, scheduling, and shipping issues relating to your Grignard needs.